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SI® Shot Blast Wheel Manufacturing

As consultants and developers, we primarily regard our own production line as a role model: Our sophisticated SIŽ-Blast-Unit is an example of how easily and most efficiently our patents can be put in practice. By optimal utilisation of the centrifugal forces, large area processing of many components in short time is made possible at minimal input of energy and material.

We are not making empty promises, we are developing advanced technology, convincing by performance:

The new generation of SIŽ Shot blast wheels with its novel technology optimally uses the centrifugal force, achieving an increase in performance by almost 200% for large-area surface treatment of all kinds of components.

The great effect on shot blasting intensity and thus on the blasting result that is achieved by using an SIŽ-Blast-Unit can be demonstrated in a simple experiment.

Experimental conditions:

A surface covered with corrugated cardboard is treated with a standard shot blasting wheel (of the usual, most commonly used type) and with an SIŽ shot blasting wheel, respectively.

  • Distance: 100cm
  • Speed: 3000 RPM
  • Amount of blasting shot: 500 g / 750 g / 1000 g

Blasting results standard shot blasting wheel
(of the usual, most commonly used type)

Photo: Peening results standard peening wheel

Blasting results with the SIŽ shot blasting wheel

Photo: Peening results with the SIŽ peening wheel

Clear results:

The pictures above clearly show that a distinctly better result is achieved by using the SIŽ shot blast wheel than with a standard device. At the same time, less shot is needed. The blasting shot input is reduced by up to 50% of the usually required amount. The blasting intensity does not depend on the grain size - excellent results are obtained with fine blasting shot.

You can save energy, input material and time - this is efficient operation with increased profit!

The SI® shot blasting wheel from Strahltechnik Illingen GmbH

  • Improved performance/increased efficiency up to almost 200 % compared to regular spinning paddles
  • shot flow/necessity of shot 40 - 50 kg/m˛ at B Sa 2.5 (up to 80 - 100 kg/m˛ needed with regular spinning paddles)
  • shot consumption reduced by up to 50%
  • uniform blast intensity without hard hot spot
  • drive power from 7.5 to 30 kW
  • 16 exchangeable spinning paddles
  • exceptional durability
  • compact peening turbine casing, demountable front cover
  • easy to maintain

Do you want to increase the performance of your machinery significantly, too? Please contact us!. We will be glad to give advice and develop an individual optimisation concept for your machine pool.