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Directors' portrait: Dipl.-Ing. Jost Wadephul

Mr. Wadephul
Diploma engineer Jost Wadephul

Chief developer and senior consultant Jost Wadephul is the heart and the brain of Strahltechnik Illingen GmbH. The diploma engineer is reckoned by experts to be a pioneering pacesetter of the shot peening technology. In this field, his patented processes led to completely unexpected quantum leaps. Until a few years ago, a peening shot throughput of 150 kg per square meter of peening surface was regarded as state of the art; Wadephul's systems get by with mere 50 kg!

It should be pointed out that these values come from industrial practice. For the engineer Wadephul, performance in harsh reality is more important than under laboratory conditions. What use are theoretical peak values if they can not be reproduced under rough practical conditions? Instead of filigree and costly fair-weather technology, he focuses on solutions that may seem unconventional and surprising, but always are plain and robust - the more so as these are the most cost-effective solutions as well in most cases. A typical reaction of his customers is "Now that's simple! Why didn't we come up with it ourselves?"

Consequently, Wadephul's persistent recommendation to his employees and business partners is: "keep it simple and stupid!" In personal contact, Jost Wadephul is just as straightforward and easy to handle as his technical products. Besides his immense pool of knowledge and experience and the lightning-speed view for the best solution, customers and colleagues particularly appreciate his ability to disenchant the technical gobbledygook and speak plain language.

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