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Patents: Cutting edge technology for practical use

conventional shot
peening wheel

SI® shot
peening wheel

Our international patents and utility models are far from being inventions from the academic ivory tower; often, they are the results of many years of co-operation with discerning customers who emphasise the value of efficient and reliable technology. Competitive advantages in the industry still require a robust technology that simply works even under most difficult conditions.

We provide transfer of know-how in the fields of

  • shot conditioning (rounding off of shreddered material, e.g., production of granules from sharp-edged material),
  • disintegration (without cutting tools and thermal influences, e.g., tyre recycling), and
  • shot peening (optimisation of classic peening processes, e.g., the revolutionary SI® wheel peening technology).

Our proprietary processes are already used by licensees throughout the world. If you are looking for unconventional solutions in the fields mentioned above, contact us. In case we are not able to exclusively provide you with existing know-how, we will look for a clever and economic solution together with you. If necessary, we will gladly assist you with the assignment and adaptation of patents.