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Separation Fox - a recycling system for used tyres

Cold hard cash is lying here

Turning old into new - this is the challenge in scrap tyre recycling. Used tyres, consisting of steel, tyre rubber and textile fibres, are a valuable resource that is available in large amounts worldwide. In Germany alone, more than 650,000 tons of end-of-life tyres must be recycled or disposed of annually. The situation is intensified by legal requirements such as the landfill ban for used tyres within the EU. Over the last ten years, the price for natural rubber has increased by about 600%. It is expected that by 2020, there will be an annual shortfall of about 1 million tons of natural rubber.

Separation Fox

We have designed the Separation Fox system to provide fast separation of the tyres into pure fractions of their basic components:

  • Pure-grade alloy steel
  • pure tyre rubber of different grain sizes
  • synthetic fibre flakes

The Separation Fox system is low-maintenance, easy to handle and has low wear-costs. The energy demand is much lower than with conventional treatment processes.

  • Separation Fox requires about 200 kW per ton, whilst conventional plants require about 1200 kW.
  • No addition of foreign materials like nitrogen, cooling water etc.
  • Separation Fox is a closed system without dust emissions.
  • Separation Fox is low maintenance - no blades are used.
  • Separation Fox is a modular system, one unit is designed to process 0.5 tons per hour.
  • The size of the modules is equal to a 20' standard container.

Separation Fox key facts

The process is based on a kinetic principle where the unseparated material is subjected to high acceleration. The corresponding impact results in separation of the basic materials of the treated composite materials. This is why no chemical and/or liquid additives are required.

All components of the output granulate can be collected separately. With this process, a near 100% purity of the different material fractions can be obtained.

The system is operated under slight VACUUM in order to avoid dust emissions.

The size: the system is fitted into a container frame. Therefore, it can be transported WITHOUT disassembly and quickly be put into operation at the user's/customer's site after commissioning at the manufacturer's facility.

Each module is designed to process 0.5 tons per hour and works independently with its own control unit.

Staff requirement: 2 employees per shift can operate up to 5 modules (2.5 t/h) simultaneously.

Service interval: replacement of dynamic tools every 6 months (time requirement: 0.5 hours), replacement of static tools once per year (time requirement: 5 hours).

If necessary, different composite materials can be processed at the same time, e.g. with 2 lines tyre wire, 1 line copper cables, 1 line aluminium frames. These options are increasing the flexibility of the plant and improve the reliability of the return rate.

Separation Fox output

Coarse rubber
Coarse rubber
Rubber powder
Rubber powder
Steel mesh
Steel mesh
Purity 99.9%
Bead wire
Bead wire
Purity 99.9%
Fibre flocs
Fibre flocs


Other size fractionations are possible. Steel wire mesh and bead wire have a final purity of 99.9% and a bulk density of about 3 t/m│. This high-quality material is a highly demanded resource that can be marketed profitably.

The Strahltechnik-Illingen tyre recycling process of can be realised in small and large scale.


The recovered tyre rubber is highly requested

  • as input for rubber mixtures for the production of new tyres
  • as flooring for sports fields and leisure facilities
  • as impact absorbing playground surfacing
  • in other rubber products (rubber mats, anti-noise materials etc.)
  • as construction and insulation material
  • in road construction (silent asphalt)
  • in gardening and landscaping
  • as oil binding agent
  • for production of pyrolysis oils.

The tyre wire is highly requested as

  • High-quality steel

The textile fires are recycled thermally.

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