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Scrap tyre recycling: Invest in a next generation technology


New from old - this demand is particularly important for the recycling of used tyres. Scrap tyres are an important resource which occurs in huge amounts worldwide: in Germany alone, more than 600,000 tons of discarded tyres have to be disposed of or recycled.

We have developed an eco-friendly and highly efficient separation method for the recycling of used tyres and tyre wire.
Our separating machines Trennfuchs I and II provide fast and unmixed sorting of the tyres into their basic components:

  • pure-grade alloy steel
  • pure tyre rubber in different grain sizes
  • synthetic fibre flocs

Tyre wire with rubber residues is separated needly into it's components wire and rubber.

The Trennfuchs technology needs little maintenance, is easy to handle and operates with minimum mechanical wear. The total energy demand for the separation stages I, II and III, including air extraction and filtering units, as well as for the downstream separation by screening and magnetic processes, is only about 500 kW. At a size of 10 x 30 m, the space requirement of the system is significantly lower than for comparable systems.

The feedstock of our process are tyres that are cut in half or smaller and tire wire with rubber residues.
Bigger tyres have to pass primary size reduction

Trennfuchs I

Our Trennfuchs I is executing the primary shear (separation stage I) of complete tyres of passenger cars and smaller commercial vehicles. Bigger tyres (heavy duty trucks) have to pass a pre-cut. The more you pass the material through the Trennfuchs I the more you get finer results.

Result after Trennfuchs I   Result after shredder primary cut

material in Trennfuchs I Depending on the material processing time in the Trennfuchs I, an optimal separation result is obtained.

shredder in 40x40 cm size Material coming out from a conventional shredder in 40x40 cm size can also be processed by Trennfuchs II


Machine combination / Trennfuchs II and III

The separation and sorting process developed by Strahltechnik-Illingen is operating completely eco-friendly. Since the addition of foreign materials like nitrogen, coolants etc is avoided and no residues are left, it is highly efficient and cost-effective.

A new and improved version of our "Trennfuchs" (pelletizing, separation of components of tires, cables and other recycling materials) will be introduced in the 1st quarter of 2016.


The Trennfuchs II processes feedstock of separation stage I (see pics above) into a mixture of

  • Coarse, crumb, and powdered rubber
  • Steel (wire) mesh
  • Bead wire
  • Fibre flocs

Tyre wire is completely separated from rubber

Result after Trennfuchs II and Trennfuchs III
Gummi grob

Mixed granulates


Mechanical separation process for 6 output levels

This mechanical separating process utilizes sources material of separation stage II / III.

Results after mechanical separation process
Coarse rubber
Coarse rubber
Powdered rubber
Powdered rubber
Steel (wire) mesh
Steel (wire) mesh
Cleaning level 99,9%
Bead wire
Bead wire
Cleaning level 99,9%
Fibre flocs
Fibre flocs


Other size fractionations are possible. Steel wire mesh and bead wire have a final purity of 99.9% and a bulk density of
1.6 to 2.2 t/m³. This high-quality material is a highly demanded resource that can be marketed profitably.

Especially the recovered tyre rubber is highly requested as

  • Construction and insulation material
  • Flooring for sports fields and leisure facilities
  • Impact absorbing playground surfacing

At a size of 10 x 30 m, the space requirement of the total system system - Trennfuchs I, II and III - is significantly lower than for comparable systems

The scrap tyre recycling process of Strahltechnik-Illingen can be realised in small and large scale.

If you are interested, please contact us!